Bonanza Bucks Official Rules


1. This is an ongoing promotion.


1. Activation Period:

a. Participants must be playing with their GLC Rewards card to be eligible for this promotion.

b. Participants must insert their GLC Rewards card into any participating video reel, reel slot, video Keno, and/or video poker machine and be actively playing.

c. Actively playing is defined as playing with sufficient frequency to cause video poker, video reel, reel slots, or video keno machine’s card reader bezel to display a steady green glow. Any indication by the bezel other than a steady green glow in not eligible for this promotion.


1. The Bonanza Bucks progressive is a random jackpot that occurs on the slot floor. A winning combination on a video reel, reel slot, video Keno, or video poker machine is not required to win the Bonanza Bucks.

2. When the Bonanza Bucks hits, music will play throughout the casino signifying it has hit.

3. The Bonanza Bucks progressive starts at $20,000 and must hit by $50,000. When hit, the eligible participant, will win the current amount of the Bonanza Bucks.


1. The prize breakdown is as follows:

a. The winner of the Bonanza Bucks will be notified by their machine being locked up, a congratulatory message, and a Gun Lake Casino representative quickly arriving to confirm the winner.

b. Everyone actively playing with their GLC Rewards card at the time Bonanza Bucks has hit will automatically be awarded with $25 in “celebration” free slot play. Bonanza Bucks hits are random and cannot be guaranteed by time or day.

c. The winners of the “celebration” free slot play will be notified by their particular machine playing music. To accept the $25 in “celebration” free slot play, follow these steps:

o Press one and OK to access the “celebration” free slot play (this will stop the music as well)

o Press one again and enter your PIN

o “Celebration” free slot play becomes available

d. Participants eligible to receive “celebration” free slot play who are playing in a bonus round may not automatically receive “celebration” free slot play. It is the participant’s responsibility to visit the Rewards Center within 72 hours of Bonanza Bucks to receive “celebration” free slot play. “Celebration” free slot play will be loaded onto participants GLC Rewards card within 48 hours.

e. “Celebration” free slot play will be valid for ninety days from the time it was awarded and available upon the next time card is inserted into a machine.


1. This promotion summary generally describes the promotion, how to enter the promotion, and win the prizes summarized above. This promotion is further subject to Gun Lake Casino’s “Official Promotional Rules.”