Responsible Gaming


Help is available 24 hours a day by calling 800.270.7117

Our Commitment:

Since opening in 2011, Gun Lake Casino has been strongly committed to endorsing only responsible gaming practices and providing casino Guests with the information they need to play sensibly. Gun Lake Casino is proud to be a long-standing West Michigan partner of the Michigan Association on Problem Gambling (MAPG), sharing a mission to educate, develop and provide necessary tools for individuals who struggle with a gambling addiction. High-quality educational trainings, focused on problem gambling, occur annually to provide our Team Members with the most prevalent information needed to address problem-gambling issues. When gaming becomes problematic and Gun Lake Casino is no longer a destination for leisurely entertainment, educated staff and resources are available to aid to players seeking assistance.


Signs of Problem Gambling

For many Guests at Gun Lake Casino, gambling is simply a fun aspect of the complete entertainment experience. Unfortunately, for some players, gambling can turn into an unwanted addiction, causing extreme financial and emotional distress.


The following behaviors are potential signs of problem gambling:

  • Being dishonest about the amount of losses with yourself or others
  • Betting your last dollar
  • Neglecting responsibilities to continue gambling
  • Borrowing funds to continue playing
  • Experiencing tension in relationships because of gambling
  • Missing work because of gambling
  • Gambling when experiencing feelings of distress, helplessness, and guilt
  • Inability to control, reduce, or quit gambling despite numerous repeated attempts


Problem Gambling Resources

If you or someone you know is struggling to overcome a gambling problem, there are many resources available to provide necessary support. Trained professionals are available for gamblers and their families 24/7. It is never too late to seek support and assistance.


The Michigan Problem Gambling Helpline