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The 1985


Join us at 131 Sportsbar & Lounge on October 22 at 10PM to flash back to the 80s' with The 1985. 
The 1985 is a five-member retro band from South Bend, IN, featuring the best of rock, pop, new wave, and metal from the 1980s! Lights, video, and costumes all come together for a totally immersive 80’s experience.





ps dump your boyfriend


Join us at 131 Sportsbar & Lounge on October 29 at 10PM for PS Dump Your Boyfriend!

PS has been knocking the socks off mid-west clubgoers for years with no end in sight. This multimedia show with pfreaky and hilarious video clips, is woven in to a rambunctious cocktail shaker of psychedelic rock, spaced-out funk, hardcore rock, freestyle disco rap and everything else under the sun up to, and including the proverbial kitchen sink!





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