Gun Lake Casino
Official Promotional Rules

Official Promotional Rules

Revised 10/19/2023

A. General Rules:

  1. Guests must be a GLC Rewards cardholder and at least 21 years of age to participate. Guests without a GLC Rewards card can sign up for a free GLC Rewards card at the Rewards Center with their valid photo ID.
  2. Guests must be using their own GLC Rewards card in order to participate in promotions.
  3. Team Members of Gun Lake Casino and members of their immediate households are not eligible to participate in promotional drawings or contests, however, they are eligible to participate in gift giveaway promotions.
  4. Gun Lake Casino and any of its affiliated companies may exclude anyone from participating in the promotion for any or no reason, at management’s sole discretion.
  5. By participating in this promotion, winners hereby give their permission to Gun Lake Casino and any of its affiliated companies to use their names, likeness, etc., for promotional purposes without compensation.
  6. It is the guest’s responsibility to ensure the proper closing of a gaming session as required for participation in a promotion.
  7. It is the guests’ responsibility to ensure that their GLC Rewards card remains in active play. Active play on a table game is defined as rated play after a guest has checked in with their GLC Rewards card.
  8. Winning GLC Rewards cardholders must present a valid physical photo ID or have a valid photo ID in the property system, and a GLC Rewards card that displays a legible name and account number. For GLC Rewards cards that are not legible, guests may go to the Rewards Center for a free replacement card with their valid photo ID. It is the guests’ responsibility to ensure that the numbers and name on the GLC Rewards card can be read.
  9. Winners must fill out any and all applicable forms for any prize claimed. A social security number or a completed IRS form W-9 will be required to claim all applicable prizes. Guests with cumulative winnings of over $600 for the calendar year will receive an IRS Form 1099.
  10. Management reserves the right to modify, postpone or cancel a promotion at its discretion without written notice including in the event that the Promotional Kiosk, slot system, drawing system, or any other gaming system is inoperable or malfunctions. Promotional periods are subject to change and promotional prizes are subject to change based on availability.
  11. In the event that the GLC Rewards card numbers cannot be displayed on the TV system or announced, due to technical difficulty, winner information will be available using an alternative method.
  12. By participating in this promotion, guests agree to all the terms and conditions outlined within these rules. Any dispute not covered in these rules will be resolved by management, and their decision is final and binding to all guests.