Help the elf and win $10,000!

Fridays in December

Want a big-time cash prize? Dress that elf! We're holding hourly drawings for cash prizes and your chance to move to the Bonus Round. If you're one of four lucky winners at 9PM, you could win $1,000 to $10,000!

Here's what you could win | 7PM & 8PM

  • Two Guests win $500 cash each
  • Two Guests win $750 cash each
  • One Guest wins $1,000 cash

Bonus Round | 9PM

Each of the five lucky Guests will be assigned an elf. Each elf needs a hat, shirt and pants. Five hats, five shirts and five pants will be scrambled up in a stocking. As clothing items are drawn, Guests will deck out their elves with each appropriate peice of clothing. The first to dress his or her elf wins!

Here's the prize breakdown:

1st place: $10,000 cash
2nd place: $4,000 cash
3rd place: $3,000 cash
4th place: $2,000 cash
5th place: $1,000 cash