Sandhill Café Food Specials


Monthly Mmmmms.

All day, every day in September

Queso Dip with Tortillas | $6.99

3 Soft Shell Tacos
Served with lettuce, cheese, salsa, sour cream, fiesta ranch sauce and tortilla chips
Chicken, Steak or Cod | $9.99
Shrimp | $12.99
Lobster | $15.99

Strawberry Shake | $2.99


Special Days. Special Prices. 

September 3

National Baby Back Rib Day
Ribs, fries, baked beans, cole slaw and a biscuit
Half Rack | $13.99     Full Rack | $26.99

September 17

National Monte Cristo Day
Served with Melba sauce for dipping and shoestring fries | $9.99



IT'S a special $5.55 menu for our 55+ guests!

wednesdays in september

How about a $5.55 discounted meal at Sandhill Café? Pretzel bites, Chinese chicken salad, ultimate grilled cheese, and much more. Come and get it!


Stage 131


All day, every day in September

Genesee Grüngeist Pale Ale | $3.50
Red Eye | $5.00




food. beer. football. there's no better place to watch the game. 

Mondays, Thursdays, saturdays & Sundays

during live football games

Eat, drink and cheer on the action. It's all here, all at a great price. Come enjoy the game with good friends and good food.

Wings | 50¢ EACH
Hot Dogs | $1.00 EACH
BBQ Rib Basket | $10.00
Soft Shell Tacos | $2.00 EACH
Gun Lake Burger & Labatt Blue | $5.00
Longest Yard of (13!) Tacos | $25.00


Plus enjoy these deals.


Mondays & Thursdays

during pro football games

Labatt Blue | $1.00


Saturdays & Sundays

11:30AM - 7:30PM

We'll spin the wheel each hour to see what the special is. $1 Bud Lights, $2 Well Shots, $3 Fireball, and lots of food specials!


Tableside VIP Service in stage 131

Tableside VIP Bottle Service includes a designated VIP booth for the entire evening, along with a personal server, mixers (excluding Red Bull), an condiments. Should you or your party have any special requests, please inquire. 

Booth reservation information




Drink Specials



Genesee Grüngeist Pale Ale

All day, every day in September